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The „Flat Die Unit“ was originally a development synergy project of HAIDLMAIR GROUP companies under the leadership of the HAIDLMAIR Research & Development department. It combines the benefits of the injection moulding and extrusion technology. The FDU has now reached series maturity and is now being further developed and distributed by the newly founded company FDU Hotrunner GmbH. The specialists of the FDU Hotrunner GmbH are at your disposal.

The FDU is a newly developed open hot-runner nozzle system for injection
moulds. The flow channel in the nozzle has been projected onto a flat nozzle.
The plastic flows evenly into the cavity through a defined narrow gap instead of
a small pin gate.

The FDU is particulary suitable for the use of polyolefins.



FDU at the
Moulding Expo

From 21 to 24 May we were represented at the Molding Expo in Stuttgart. At the joint stand of the VDWF, a Haidlmair tool powered by FDU technology was shown in operation. At our booth there was a lot of interest in the technology.

FDU at the

In autumn, we were represented at the plastics trade fair K in Dusseldorf. 

We were working together with our parent company HAIDLMAIR GmbH on
booth  E49-6 in hall 12.

On the exhibition stands of HAIDLMAIR, Erema and Woojin you were able see tools with FDU technology in operation.


 FDU Advantages 



Finalised projects show that we achieved significant reductions of cycle time
and injection pressures.

Benefit from the advantages of the FDU and the resulting higher productivity and
use the future of injection moulding already right now!

  • Reduction of injection time

  • Reduction of injection pressure

  • Optimum effect of holding pressure

  • Shorter cooling times

  • Reduction of shear 

  • Improvement of part quality

  • Use of new materials

  • other or more favourable properties


 Advantages with recycling material 

  • Clogs at the throat to the cavity are almost impossible with a large slot geometry.

  • Due to its large cross-sectional emitting area, the FDU causes a considerably lower shear stress in the plastic
    melt, therefore critical materials/additives can be processed easily.

  • Despite the large outlet cross-section to the cavity, the FDU has an optimal tear-off behavior and a optimum
    heat balance, this opens up a much larger process window for you!

  • The specific pressure loss in the FDU nozzle is less than in a round die. The material is processed gently and,
    depending on the material type, a higher internal mould pressure is available.

  • A much higher injection speed, the higher level of in-mould pressure and the larger outlet cross-section make
    the emphasis better and more effective in the component. This allows a reduced cycle time.

  • The macromolecule chains of the regranulate are not degraded, thus, the material and component properties
    are retained.

  • Due to the lower shear, there is almost no increase in the friction-induced melt temperature. This has an
    positive effect in processing. With the FDU, there is no or extremely reduced deposit formation in the mould
    and extremely reduced outgassing/odours on the injection moulding machine.

  • General material fluctuations in the recycled plastic are compensated by the large outlet cross-section of
    the FDU nozzle.

  • Basically, higher proportions of recycled plastic in components are possible, due to lower shearing
    (thermo-mechanical load) of the melt by the FDU.

  • For the processing of regranulate, the FDU is the gentlest and best hot runner solution!


 FDU Nozzle Types 

FDU Produktportfolio_EN.JPG


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